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"The Gathering of Nations - Building Bridges" UPDATE

Posted by realhopemissions on January 6, 2010 at 10:37 AM Comments comments (0)


We have been busy planning the next"Gathering of Nations - Building Bridges" in the Chicago area inApril. This year we are bless to have a lot of great support and new members ofthe team. We are planning on having several churches join us in presenting thisyear’s gathering.

The plan so far is, to have the NativeMinistry leaders come and share their hearts with several churches across Chicagoand surrounding suburbs at their Sunday morning services. The leaders will alsoinvite the people at those churches to come together at one central locationlater that evening to have a night of celebration and seeking God for Hisvision and plans for Native Ministry across America! What a great night ofunity and worship and call to missions as we seek God and Build Bridges inJesus name!

We arealso trying to schedule the leaders to speak at several local universities toshare and call students to pray and ask God if Native Missions is a possiblecalling for their lives! Also inviting them to join us at the end of the weekon Sunday evening for the “Gathering of Nations – Building Bridges” night ofcelebration and praise!

Please,be praying for this event and the ministries and churches involved. Please, praythat somehow God would be glorified and His Kingdom advanced through this gatheringand that many people would attend and hear the call to reach the lost andhurting Native Nations with the hope and love of Jesus Christ!

We lookforward to seeing you there and working together side by side as a wonderfulfamily of God for His Kingdom! Keep an eye on this web site for moreinformation and mark your calendars and save Sunday, April 18th for “TheGathering of Nations – Building Bridges”!

Keep up to date on whats going on with this event at the link below:


God’s ContinuedBlessings,



Overcomers Family Camp 2009 - Update

Posted by realhopemissions on July 4, 2009 at 10:32 AM Comments comments (0)


We are back from camp and I have slept for two days straight. Na, just kidding, it has been good to get some much needed rest though. It has been tiring but,very exciting and rewarding. I would have to say it was the best camp we havehad to date. All of them have their great memories and God moved in all of them but, I think what made this camp the best was the sweet Spirit that was felt throughout our time there. In looking back the last few days, I believe that it is because of the relationships and trust we are building with the Native people. I believe that as each year goes by, they see we are not just a one and done mission team. They see that we are truly committed to being a part of their lives and for helping and discipling them for the long haul!

I want to thank each and every member of the mission team for their dedication and sacrifice of time and labor and resources to Overcomers Family Camp 2009. I am so proud of the whole team and the other teams from different churches, which are so committed and faithful to this mission and these people! I would like to personally thank all those who supported us for this very serious mission that is helping build bridges and save souls for Jesus and eternity! Your support whether through prayer, giving financially or through other gifts or laboring with us before and after we return, is crucial and so needed and so very much appreciated by all the team members, by Gordon and Sheila Thayer of Overcomers and by all the families that were blessed and encouraged. Also a special thank goes out to the Mc Henry County Marine Corps League, for their support and gifts of toys for the Native children, you have touch many people through these gifts!

We are very excited to report that fifteen people made professions of faiththrough baptism at camp! Many people recommitted them selves in their walks with Jesus also. We also for the first time had a wedding at camp and three children dedicated to the Lord! Wow, what and exciting week, Thank You Jesus! These things are so important in my estimation because our motto at Overcomers Family Campis, "Healthy Families, Healthy Nations" and true health starts with a covenant and dedication before Christ! Without Jesus in the middle of everything, it will ultimately not succeed and flourish to its full God given potential!!!

In closing I would like to give a special thank you to the Evangelical FreeChurch of Crystal Lake for their commitment to missions! In my estimation, it is your greatest strength and God is moving greatly through it! At camp, JayBunker, one of the teaching Pastors, gave a prophetic word and said that the Lord was going to bless our church and pour into us greatly because of our faithfulness in helping the poor and needy! In Isaiah 25:4 it says that the Lord will be praised because, He has been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. You people,as a Church have reflected the Lords heart in this and will be blessed for it!!!

Here is a link to check out the photos from camp!

His Heart, His Mission,

Aaron Syrdahl



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