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Overcomers Family Camp 2012

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*Thank you letter and mission report from Pastor Steve Yeschek

Overcomers Native Family Camp 2012

Through your finances, prayers, and gifts, the summer outreach to First Nations people impacted many lives for the glory of God. Overcomers Family Camp, MN was a tremendous blessing to around 200 Indian people attending this camp near Red Lake, MN. This was the seventh year the Evangelical Free Church of Crystal Lake has joined this NativeAmerican Disciple making Camp, directed by LCO’s Tribal Chairman, Gordon Thayer, who is also the President of Overcomers Native Ministry. We are excited to share with you that the camp experience powerfully impacted many hearts with His love and grace. “Real lives are beingtransformed through Jesus Christ. God is moving in the hearts of Native people. Healing is happening in many lives because of this camp. The teaching and testimonies were compelling. Praise the Name of the Lord!”

There were Native people present during this week long camp from many Ojibwa and Sioux Nations. People came from Reservations including Mishkeegogamang, ON, Minnesota Natives came from reservations including Leach Lake, Red Lake, Redby,  Ponema, Cass Lake, White Earth, and LittleEarth. Natives from Lac Court Oreilles, WI also attended. Many of these Native people return year after year, growing in their relationship with Christ and other Christians. Our EFCCL team provided 14 volunteers that came together to serve God by reaching out with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Additional highlights include:

  •  Campers received medical care through a local physician (Dr. Kim Carnazolla from the Chicago area)
  •  “Balloon artist” Jane Harris shared the gospel all week through her craft.    
  •  Nancy’s Boutique – gifts of clothing and jewelry are provided to teen girls and single Mothers
  •  Men’s and Women’s groups provide opportunities for Biblical guidance
  •  First Nations Treatment center provided needed counseling to those impacted by addictions 
  •  Hundreds of toys were given to all the childrenthrough the Marine Corps League / Toys for Tots campaign
  •  Many recreational opportunities: Basketball camp, fishing expeditions, baseball games, swimming, etc.  

Above all, the gospel was shared throughout the week and 15 people made professions of faith in Jesus Christ, and about 5 people rededicated their lives to Christ. 20 people were baptized. Many lasting relationships based on our common faith continue to grow for the cause of Jesus Christ.  We praise God forthe wonderful things He does!

Again, Nancy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution and your prayers for this vital ministry.

Steve and Nancy Yeschek

Evangelical FreeChurch of Crystal Lake

575 E. Crystal Lake Ave.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Missing My Angel...

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On a month long mission and wanted to share

how much I am missing my Angel.


I just wanted to share with the world my Angel and how much I miss her. I wanted to tell how much I think of you while I am away on the mission field...this song has been going through my head as I keep thinking of you...and how I want to tell the nation, you are THE ONE who has my back and has been with me ALL THE WAY. You are so prescious and a gift from God and a faithful friend and my lifelong lover...I thank God for you...MY ANGEL!!!

Love Always, Aaron XOX

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Women of Honor 2012 (Overcomers Ministries)

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To See Event Photos: Click Here


Women of Honor was a three day event put on by Overcomers Ministries out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event focused on encouraging, counseling and building up women of the Mishkeegogamang reserve in Northern Ontario, Canada. I thank God for the oppertunity to go and sing and see first hand how much God loves these women and longs for health and healing for all Native women, who know all to well about pain and abuse.

This event was truley a blessing to all who attended and it is my prayer that more events like this happen all across this land and that more and more hurting people would hear the truth, that God has not forgotten them and He loves them and wants healing and restoration for all people in need everywhere.

Please join me in this prayer...

His Love,


Lac Courte Oreilles Mission 2012

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LCO Mission 2012 Photo Link


I want to take a moment and share some of the exciting things God is up to on the LCO reservation in northern Wisconsin. In the last few weeks God has been calling me to go up and get involved with some very passionate ministers of the Gospel who God is using greatly.

Here is some background to what brings us to this point. When we were returning from our last mission to Canada we were invited to come and stay with David and Brenda Palmer who own the Barker Lake Lodge in the Hayward area in Wisconsin. They put us up for the night and graciously served up a delicious breakfast. While we visited with them they shared how God was gathering many with similar visions and passions to minister on the reservations and all across the northland and beyond.

I first met David while ministering on the LCO reservation this past summer with Gordon Thayer (tribal chairmen and founder of Overcomers Ministries) and Ron Hutchcraft’s On Eagles Wings ministry. What an exciting time and start of many things to come on the LCO reservation.

Well, since I met David he has been sharing so much great news about the movement of God on the LCO reservation and he invited me to come to a weekend event him and his wife were sponsoring at their lodge called; Running with the Vision. Well, not wanting to miss out on this wave of God’s, I packed up and headed north and have been staying at my sister’s house for the past couple of weeks.

What a privilege it has been to be here and see God working through so many people with the same heart for God’s Kingdom and see the revival in the hearts of many, even this old missionary. I could write a book with all that I have seen and heard but, not being the best typist in the world I will share some of the highlights and some photos I took as I witnessed God moving.

I will share in the order that it happened so, as you enjoy the picture you will see the way it all unfolded. First my sister and I enjoyed a wonderful Sunday service at Pastor Marvin’s church on the reservation and I had the opportunity to share a couple of songs and what Jesus has been laying on my heart.

Then on Tuesday we enjoyed a Life Recovery in Christ meeting headed up by Jeff Crone. We were able to hear how God is changing hearts and redeeming lives from various addictions.

Then on Thursday people started arriving at the lodge and we shared a special time of fellowship as God was drawing His people to this place. We also divided up among several ministries, toys and books that were donated by the Marines Toys for Tots program.

On Friday, I had the chance to sing at the very first Sobriety Friday meeting on the LCO reservation. It is an event sponsored by Overcomers Ministry. The message of new life in Jesus was shared along with songs and worship and prayer and testimony and good food and fellowship. What a blessed time of loving community in Christ!

Later that night I returned to Barker Lake Lodge to find more people had arrived for the Running with the Vision event and they were also worshiping and praying and fellowshipping. I could really see how prayer and worship is so closely connected to everything that is happening. After an evening of connection and getting to know one another I returned to my sisters to get a good night’s sleep in anticipation of the next day’s event.

The next morning we enjoyed a good breakfast and then lifted our hearts to Daddy in song and prayer and then we were inspired by a powerful and challenging message brought to us by Native Reverend and Evangelist TomValteirra. It was videotaped and as soon as I can, I will share it with you all. I believe God is speaking through this man to the whole church about a God sized passion and vision. The message was followed by prayer for Pastor Marvin and his wife and then we had communion. After lunch, Native Pastor Jay Bunker shared his ministry and heart with us and one by one every minister there shared their vision and calling. It was so exciting to see all that God is doing across the northland. That evening, we just relaxed in fellowship and prayer and sang hymns in the English and the Ojibwa Languages; I also got some video of that, which I will be sharing also.

The next morning we went to church at Pastor Marvin’s church and we all shared our gifts of songs and testimony and heard the second part of Tom’s message from God for this place and time and how God is about to widen the tent stakes of Pastor Marvin’s church and fill the church with people hungry for God. I found it interesting that, that morning, someone had dropped off three new church pews. It is sad to say but, as in a lot of churches today, the pews they have now, sit mostly empty. To me it was a sign and encouragement of the plan God has for this area and how He is letting us in on His plan! Tom also shared how we need to love people into the church instead of judging them in. I am in passionate agreement with this message that our true testimony is about how good God is, not how good we are. It is in that humility, we are to share His love with all!

While up north I heard an old hymn that talked about the precious jewels that are in Jesus’ crown, those jewels are His people. I thank God for all the precious jewels that I met this past couple of weeks. They will forever be a part of who I am. I also look forward to those I have yet to meet and one day we will all rejoice in His presence over all He has done for His precious jewels!

Thanks for taking the time to hear and see what God can do through ordinary people. Tonight we are going to share a gift and encouragement with our brother Jeff Crone as he is spending his first day as the Safety Officer on the reservation and working with youth and dealing with the gangs and issues that arise from them.

Please continue to support and pray for this mission and many other missions as God’s Spirit is pouring out all across the northland and changing hearts of believers and non-believers alike. Thank You Jesus!!!


His Vision,



Canadian Mission 2011

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I wanted to thank everyone who prayed and gave and went in support of this vital mission, thank you so much for your faithfulness and hearts of compassion for these hurting people and the desire to share the life changing message of Hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ!

Below is a letter shared by one of the members of this years team, enjoy!

His Love,


Dear Friends,

Jeanne and I are back together again after a short separation.  Not to worry, I had her blessing and prayers as I took advantage of a last minute opportunity to join two other guys from Crystal Lake on a trip to deliver coats and blankets to a First Nations people in northwest Ontario Canada.   It was a 2,200 mile trip with two thirds of our time spent in the van.  I am thankful for the following highlights.

Learning how to pronounce the name of the people group!  Mish-kee-GO-ga-mang.

Meeting Chief Connie, their humble leader, and her daughter who was one of two young women who rode with us on the way up.

Getting to know Jeff who joined us as we went through his reservation in northern Wisconsin.  He is currently an education administrator for his tribe who speak a language similar to that of the Mishkeegogamangs.  The school in Jeff’s reservation donated books that  we brought up to the school on the reservation in Canada.

Being part of a team that did more than just deliver books and coats.  Our leader, Pastor Steve, had a chance to counsel and pray with people even on the radio.  Jeff also has a background in the restaurant business and cooked the chili for a chili and bannock feast on Sunday evening.  Aaron is a singer who brought his own mini sound system.  As a result he sang and gave testimony at a funeral, on the radio, at a Baptist church and at the chili feed.  He has a great voice.

I was so thrilled to experience the “north woods” combination of lakes and trees.  I had my devotions on the ice covered lake and saw how high the north star is at 51 degrees north latitude.

It was a privilege to share a few verses and be reminded that as the coats we brought covered people for warmth, God gave his son to cover our sin.  We had many great conversations in the van that made the trip go fast.  Now we are enjoying the coming Christmas season.               



Bob Nelson


Overcomers Family Camp 2011

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A special thank you goes out to all who prayed and gave and went and worked to make this years Overcomers Family Camp 2011 such a success. We also thank those who have contributed in the past to lay such a strong foundation. And we look to the future with great hope and expectation as we KNOW, greater things are yet to come and greater things are still to be done, in Jesus name...AMEN!!!

Canadian Mission 2010 Update

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These are some photos and reports shared by our team that traveled to a Canadian reserve to minister to hurting first nations people. A special thank you to Lynn Long for taking the time to send these reports back to our support team so they could share in what God was doing through their prayers and support!

Mission Photo Album

Canadian Mission Report #1

He looked weary and tired.  With nothing but the coat on his back, he was prepared to walk 6.5 hours to reach his destination when we were approaching the Reserve.  We had just left our final gas station and were weary after 21 hours of driving but we felt so very compelled to pick him up.  We learned that his name was Cornelius and he had lost his 21 year old son, and now his grandson, was fighting for his life from fetal alcohol syndrome in a hospital nearby.  We believed that this was our divine appointment.  After taking him to cash his last check, we gave him our opened bags of snacks and prayed with him before he walked into the dark of the night.  Our hearts were heavy but we were glad a job was waiting for him and the reality of the purpose of this trip was now in full force.  We were now where we were called to be this week.   

So I, and the Team from the Crystal Lake Ev Free Church that I've been invited to participate with have now arrived after 21 hours of driving and have now begun preparing for a Canadian Thanksgiving Feast at the Tribal School in Pickle Lake, Ontario, Canada.  

Upon canvassing many homes for this outreach event yesterday however, we came across Jordan who was entrenched in science and creationism; two very real strongholds on Reserves and Reservations across the US and Canada.  Traditionalism had a stronghold on him and after we talked and offered to pray with him, he quickly declined and asked to leave. Nevertheless, we prayed with Jordan that he would open himself up to Jesus.  Marcus, our next Native youth on the other hand, was caught up in traditionalism himself.  As we stood on those porches surrounded by garbage and broken windows, we knew that the only source of breaking these chains of strongholds would be our great God himself and so we pressed on.  The stories were similar though, and our hearts broke with the poverty we witnessed.

Last evening, we also sat in the living room at the Radio Station where we are staying and listened to the Tribal Chief.  We are amazed that such a Spirit led Godly leader has been raised up to lead this dark Reserve.  She spoke of this poverty stricken First Nations area and the knowledge that the only hope is in Jesus Christ alone.  We could hear a pin drop when she stated that while there is plenty of funds, five million alone, has already been spent on alcohol within the walls of this Reserve.  We could not fathom the statistics but could only end this meeting in corporate worship.

So at such a time as this, we can only press forward and are excited about being the hands and feet of Jesus today.  We look forward to hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for the community here.  We could hardly contain the excitement of putting the generous donations of toys and winter coats out on the tables yesterday and know that each one was provided so generously sacrificially.  We find peace knowing that those who have so generously given have done it in Jesus name.   We are so very very grateful.

I look forward to spending time with the youth today inbetween helping cook 6 Turkeys and

attempting wild rice and fry bread.  May I learn learn learn!!!

Looking forward to our next report and miss you all!


Canadian Mission Report #2

Chief Connie's story spoke of the wounds; the incest, murder, drunkenness and false religions that so permeate this Reserve.  We prayed until the wee hours of the morning for the souls of the Ojibwa people and we could hardly contain in our thought processes, all that Satan has such a foothold in such a dark place here in Ontario. Yet, we have come as those full of hope for the Tribe here.  The stories of the Natives that have been riding in our van on the dusty country roads are all the same.   Brokenness, And so we are all the more intent on sharing the gospel with them as we prepare for our final day of outreach.

To date;...5 have prayed the prayer within the church van and we are amazed at how many have never heard the name JESUS..  How we are so thankful that we have come to bring hope in a community so filled with hopelessness.  And...yet..our God is so much greater!

We have just completed the first day of a full day seminar with God's word on Healthy Families Healthy Nation Seminar.  We picked up many on the side of the road and brought them in van loads.  To see them drop everything was incredible.  How we wish you all could have witnessed it.  Liquor bottles laying in puddles of rain everywhere in the back yards, and yet they still were willing to listen and come....

We are preparing for a concert at the Tribal school this evening and look forward to sharing the gospel in the school gym.  We are weary but looking forward to the Indian Tacos' in a small home where there's little comfort for our combined teams to fit, yet God is restoring our strength to get through our final day of ministry here.  We are in awe of what is yet to come! 

You have helped contribute to the clothes, tracts, food and we know that to the least of these, you have made an incredible impact.  It was difficult to watch the excitement of warm winter coats being dispersed and the expressions of joy on so many.  It puts it all in perspective and we are so thankful that we were able to do it for HIM.  Today we were the hands and feet of our Savior, and the only thing we knew to do, and that was to feed and clothe the hungry.

Pray for Cornelius, Joyce, Christine, Rebecca, and Johanna.   They are now experiencing new life and eternal life on a Northern Canadian Reserve so far away from home.


Canadian Mission Report #3

Others were preparing for the seminar, but a couple of us drove around the Reserve to pick up more Natives willing to come and share more of the food, clothing and toys that we had brought.  One by one, they piled into the van.  We were celebrating the many that came forward the day before in the van and were still rejoicing over it, but now,the stories continued to pour out, revealing the pain and violence on their faces through bruises and the alcoholic stench.   We raced against time in sharing the gospel message to each one but could only pray they would grasp that hope they saw within us.  We woke up a young mom and promised her food and clothes as we helped her 2 children and newborn baby into our vehicle but felt disbelief when we found a Native Elder walking on a lonely highway and picked her up.  We were unable to communicate as she spoke in her Native tongue but we knew she was hungry and that spoke a a thousand languages in itself.               


Evening came and we were preparing for a concert when a disheveled woman named Peggy came to our door.  Our Teams were jovial and had just finished eating our Taco meal when she stumbled in.  She attempted to share her story to us, but with slurring words, shared her addiction of sniffing gas. She explained the broken relationships that so entrapped her and she was locked out so we fed and prayed for her.  The vivid memory of her condition revealed so much heartache.  We later rejoiced when we learned that so many had come forward at the Tribal gym. He knew we needed this to lift our spirits and what joy we felt afterwards! 


The next day we experienced the enemies attack, when one vehicle broke down forcing our Minneapolis team to leave it behind for repair.   The blessing was being able to corporately help meet each others needs and bring our teams closer together after a week filled with ministry.   It was a cold rainy morning but there was no doubt in our minds we had become family now and were in this together.          


So in a Tribal gym on a cool moonlit Northern Canadian night; on a dusty road in a van and in a broken vehicle on the side of a remote Reserve with no telephone communication access, God used those remote roads to change us.  He helped us when we presented the gospel in so many venues.  Through every Native’s quiet feeble prayer, He was right there.  Together, we fed the hungry.  Together we clothed the Natives and corporately, through your prayers and support, the gospel was presented.   Our trip was the HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN through which so many came to receive healing and freedom under the grace of God.   Our great God used your prayers and support through you and we are so very thankful.   26 broken lives have now found hope and the spiritual food they so desperately needed just in time. 


We are home now safe in the comforts of our home.  And we are now forever changed.     







Overcomers Family Camp 2010 Update

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Happy 4th of July weekend to you all!  

I just wanted to say thank you again for your awesome support of our mission trip to Overcomers Family Camp near Red Lake... 

Here are some of the great things that God did there....      

1-Numerous people make commitments to follow Christ.  and 4 were baptized, and many experienced healing through the love of Jesus Christ.         

2- the Red Lake Half Way House joined with our  First nations recovery center meetings (off the Rez at camp)...(an amazing breakthrough).      

3-We visited many families in their home to share the gospel with them on the Red Lake Nation Rez (Red Lake, Redby, and Panema)...another breatkthrough)      

4- Over $4000 in toys collected through the Marine Corps League's Toys for Tots program were given to kids      

5- Nancy had a botique where she was able to make deep connections of faith with Red Lake nation teens...      

6- Native families from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South dakota were exposed to the gospel      

7- Teens and Kids enjoyed go-cart rides and miniature golfing, fishing ($400 in fishing poles were distributed), and wonderful camp time Bible sharing, etc.       

8- Jesus was lifted up as the Way, the Truth, and the Life          

You all worked for the Kingdom in your praying, your giving, and your service.  "God will remember and reward you for your labor of love and faith"  Thank you so much! 

Pastor Steve Yeschek and Aaron Syrdahl

WARNING - Eye Opening Information

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WARNING - Eye Opening Information

Read at your own risk from this point forward!

Pine Ridge Reservation Overview

  • Population between 28,000-43,000
  • 36 churches on the reservation

Economic Situation 

  • 50-80% unemployment
  • $4,000 per capita income
  • $20,000 annual household income
  • 60% of population live below the poverty line
  • One of the three poorest of US counties

Health Situation 

  • Diabetes rate is 8 times that of general population
  • Cervical cancer rate is 5 times greater
  • TB rates is 8 times greater
  • Heart disease is 2 times greater
  • Lowest life expectancy in the US
  • Second lowest life expectancy in the western hemisphere
  • Infant mortality is 3 times higher than national average

Social Situation 

  • More than half of households are single parents
  • Suicide rate is 2 times national average
  • Teen suicide is 4 times national average
  • High rate of teen pregnancy
  • No public transportation, banks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, recreational centers, furniture stores, clothing stores nursing homes
  • High rate of drug and alcohol abuse

Educational Situation 

  • 68 % dropout rate

The above information is from the Pine Ridge Reservation Project of Trinity Graduate School. Please check out their website and to find out more about this very urgent mission field. Also check out Michael T Cooper's "Necessity of Worldview Understanding for Sustainable Peace: A Case Study of United States Relations with Native Americans in the 18-19th Centuries"

The Pine Ridge Reservation is an incredible cause and needs prayer and support, both in mission workers and financially. This is about so much more than a project; it is about real people living and dying without hope. It is about making a change not just talking or thinking about it. Pray and listen closely to what God is calling you to do today and follow the example of the Good Samaritan, don’t just walk on by!!!


His Heart,

Aaron Syrdahl

Overcomers Family Camp 2010

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Our next mission trip to Overcomers Family Camp is coming up soon. Family camp will run from Friday, June 25th through Thursday, July 1st at Camp Dellwater in Northern Minnesota near the Red Lake Reservation. For more in formation about the camp it's self check out their website.

As our team prepares for this mission we are excited to see the faithful member from past teams return and we are blessed to see new people who are hearing the call of God to play a part of His plan for these hurting but, wonderful First Nations people that He loves!

Please checkout the Overcomers Family Camp page on this site.

There you will find a video and link to photos from past missions and you will be able to get a glimpse of what God is doing their and maybe find out how you can be a part of it. For more information on this mission trip and ways you can join the team, contact me at or mail directly to Real Hope Missions P.O. BOX 1 Algonquin, Illinois 60102.

Below is more information about the team and opportunities to serve:

Overcomers Family Camp 2010

Thursday, June 24th – Thursday, July 1st

– Mission Team and Opportunities to serve


…I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.



Mission Team Directors – Will lovingly oversee, lead, equip and encourage all mission teams were ever necessary and will display a can do attitude and lead as servant leaders. They will listen to the input of the teams they assist and will lead by loving them over and above any task that needs to be done.  Loving People Is The Mission!


Administration– Will lovingly organize, run and maintain all registration, accounting and applications for family camp. They will also coordinate the day-to-day administrative duties while at camp.


Transportation & Housing – Will lovingly work with the Administration Team on the organizing and handling of Family Camp housing assignments and will coordinate the transportation needs for Family camp attendees. (Bus’, Vans and vehicle car pools)


Advertising, Communications & Funding – Will lovingly organize and coordinate Fund Raising for Family Camp. Will work on Branding and Promoting the Family Camp and will handle the task of communication for the Mission Team to the Church and within the team. Also any communication needed to other churches and communities as a whole.


Kitchen –Will lovingly organize, schedule and plan for the preparation and serving and clean up of all Family Camp meals, (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) also the running and maintenance of the concession stand at Family Camp.


Speakers, Worship & Outreach– Will lovingly organize and coordinate the Speakers, Worship Teams, and  special workshops for Family Camp and will supply any technical support teams for Family Camp. Theteam will also Network with other local Native ministries to fill any needs.


Recreation & Security – Will lovingly organize and coordinate all recreationalactivities and security needs at Family Camp.


Group Ministry – Will lovingly organize and coordinate all Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School boys and girls groups with age appropriate teaching and activities. The team will also work with Speakers, Worship & Outreach Team  to organize and coordinate any Men’s Groups, two Women’s Groups, CR Groups and any special workshops.


Prayer – Will lovingly help to organize and coordinate Mission Team Prayer Partners Program. They will also help Lead, teach and equip mission team for Spiritual warfare and help to cover the whole mission in prayer!



I hope this information was help full and we look forward to hearing from you and possibly connecting as we share in this exciting journey and call of God to help our Brothers and Sister, in Jesus name!!!

His Peace,

Aaron Syrdahl


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