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Marine Corps League


We here at Real Hope Missions work with the Marine Corps League collecting and distributing toys to children and families in need all acrossthis continent. Real Hope Missions and every citizen across this great country of ours owes a huge debt to the men and woman of the United States Marine Corps and Marine Corps League, and would like to express our thanks for all they have done. Not only do we thank them for their service to God and country while in the Corps but, we also thank them for the dedication and commitment to live out the ideals of that Corps as long as they live and breathe. These men and women have worked and served their country faithfully and they continue to work and serve their country faithfully even today.



Men and women of the United States Marine Corps and Marine Corps League, we a grateful nation salute you and honor you for all you have done and continue to do and we thank God for your faithfulness. You truly live out your motto, "Semper Fidelis" (Always Faithful)!




The Marines Are Faithful

One of the many ways they are faithful is through their support of this ministry by supplying toys through their Toys for Tots program. We minister to Native American families across this continent and in the process we bring these toys collected by the Marines and together we are able to bring some happiness into these hurting families lives.



We believe it is fitting to see this happen because, of the great history between the Marines and their Native brothers. The Navajo Code Talkers were very instrumental in the winning of World War II and because of their faithfulness and service to this country, many Marine lives were saved and the war was won. Not only do the Marines feel a deep love and owe a debt to these people but, everyone of us that call this great country home should as well. So we join the Marines in thanking the Native people and the Navajo Code Talkers for their faithfulness to serve this country and to sacrifice their lives. We will never forget their "Semper Fidelis" (Always Faithful) service and dedication!



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