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Lac Courte Oreilless Mission


Lac Courte Oreilless Mission is happening on the LCO reservation in northern Wisconsin and surrounding areas. It is being organized by the Holy Spirit. He is using many different people from many different places and ministries and all walks of life. They are from many different churches and different denominations. They are all answering the call to come and see and be a part of what God is doing.


 It is truly amazing as we have all come together and shared our like minded God given passion and calling to see God raise up His sleeping giant, the native and first nations people of this area. But, not only for the people on the reservation but also for people who live off the reservation as well. Our God is a God of many nations and people groups and we are all in need of personal revaluation and revival from God's Holy Spirit!


 One of the churches God is using is at the center of this movement is the Lac Courte Oreillies Assemblty of God Church right on the reservation. Pastors Marvin and Debbie Wilber have served the community for many years and have prayed and waited to see what we are now starting to witness. Other churches are also joining the movement like the Evangelical Free church in Radisson, Wisconsin and other from around the area.




Ministries from Chicago, Minneapolis and Duluth are getting involved as well. One of the Ministries and major movers in this mission is Pastor Tom Valtierra and his family with Running With Fire Ministries out of Minneapolis.

Also at the heart of this mission are ministries like Overcomers Ministries from Minneapolis as well, this ministry is lead by Gordon Thayer who is currently the Chairmen of the LCO tribe.

And recently joining this mission and ministering on the LCO reservation and throughout the area, Pastor Joshua Chege with Joshua Chege Outreach Ministries International. Pastor Joshua's powerful testimony is a moving message of God's grace and forgiveness.

All three of these men have have powerful testimonies and have been ministering in the surrounding area for many years. Their faithful service to God and hurting people everywhere is truly inspirational. 

           Tom Valtierra                                  Gordon Thayer                                Joshua Chege

 There are many people and ministries and churches who are making an impact in this mission and really showing and living out the love of Jesus Christ. We thank God for every single one of them and their passion and hearts to serve and build God's Kingdom!


Lac Courte Oreilles Mission Photos 2012



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